Executive office

A place for reflection and strategic decisions, the executive office, in addition to being functional, reflects the values, spirit and philosophy of the company. In order to feel good and be as efficient as possible, Alba offers a wide range of functional and harmonious products. With a traditional or contemporary design, our solutions will allow you to furnish your office with style and personality for working days in complete serenity.  

Essential for the executive office

1. The multifunction lamp: with high quality styling and optimal lighting.

2. Articulated monitor arms for computers: Single or double, mobile or fixed, offering optimal comfort and vision.

3. Desk accessories: allowing you a well organized, clean and tidy workspace for maximum efficiency.

4. The coat hanger: bringing a chic and uncluttered look to the room, while taking care of the clothes.

5. The coffee-break zone: allowing a place to relax and offer refreshments to colleagues and visitors.

As a multifunctional space, the executive office deserves special attention. In order to stay focused, a well thought-out lighting scheme and user-friendly office accessories are essential. MHARM N articulated monitor arms, provide correct positioning, and adjustable lamps with dimmers and LED lighting such as LEDTOUCH2 give better vision. We encourage adopting our new generation of lighting for improved wellbeing and additional features including phone charger port.

Executive office