Our designer

Alba's success is down it its products and the designer. We’d like to introduce it to you: Franck VADENNE works with our teams to offer you the very best products. From a sketch or a 3D drawing, our designer creates functional, appealing, and ergonomic products. Every detail counts and every component meticulously considered, studied, and calculated. For him, design does not stop at the appearance of a product. Our products reflect our daily life, our designer is inspired by its environment, and also by feedback from our customers.



Franck Vadenne, industrial designer, promotes a resolutely human approach to designing the products of the future, emphasising the importance of exchanges and free iteration phases in the creative process. His mastery of 3D modelling and computer-generated imagery is a major asset, but he believes that the true uniqueness of his creations emerges from the artistic drawing phase. Drawing on his experience as an industrial designer and design manager, his philosophy is to create products that combine aesthetics, responsibility, efficiency and innovation, without ever losing sight of the dimension of use and the needs of users. Franck Vadenne is a designer who skilfully combines art, technology and functionality to create the ALBA products of tomorrow.

His motto: ‘First the drawing: the pencil, the eye, the hand, the paper...’.

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