Our designer

Alba's success is down it its products and the designer. We’d like to introduce it to you: For nearly fifteen years, Alain CARRETTA has been working within our teams to offer you the best products. From a sketch or a 3D drawing, our designer creates functional, appealing, and ergonomic products. Every detail counts and every component meticulously considered, studied, and calculated. For him, design does not stop at the appearance of a product. Our products reflect our daily life, our designer is inspired by its environment, and also by feedback from our customers.



Alain Carretta is a multidisciplinary, innovative and pragmatic designer. A graduate of the Beaux-Arts, he knows how to detect future trends and imagine the shapes of tomorrow that will appeal to users. With Alba for twelve years, his know-how allows him to have a real knowledge of the office automation sector and the needs of consumers. Aware that a pleasant working environment will brings huge benefits, his creations are harmonious and thoughtful. In addition
to being aesthetic, its designs are functional and innovative with one objective in mind: to make life easier.

His motto: Innovate for performance

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