Home office

More and more common, the "Home office" has found its place in work organizations. Favoring the balance between professional and personal life, the layout of this work space must be well thought out in order to work efficiently without disturbing the proper functioning of the home. In order to be as user-friendly and functional as possible, Alba offers products and accessories that will integrate perfectly with your personal space. Choosing Alba's solutions is the assurance of finding the same comfort of work as in a company. 


1. Determine a work area which causes the least disruption to home life.

2. Optimize storage: keep your documents close at hand and use trolleys, bins, folders and other filing accessories to keep your space clean and tidy.

3. Find the right lighting: Use the new technology in lamps for optimum comfort.

4. Take care of your back with better posture by changing position thanks to dynamic and ergonomic seating.

5. Establish a routine: use a clock and optimize your working hours for better work/life balance.

In the home office, being organized is key to productivity.  The MESH range of filing systems offers you ideal extra storage space for filing documents, saving time and maximizing concentration.  

We offer a wide range of products made of ultra-resistant perforated mesh metal: wastepaper baskets, document holders and organisers, for example. With Alba, you can organise your working days with style.

Home office