As a manufacturer of office displays, Alba invites you to discover its range of display products.  Recognized for the functional and modern design of our accessories, we put our know-how to work for our customers. Designed and created to facilitate the dissemination of information, our displays provide efficient staging of your signs and brochures. Discover our collection of displays designed to showcase your customers' informative documents.

Display manufacturer

A supplier of office displays since 1958, we have gained our reputation in the world of office furniture by offering innovative and functional products. Alba produces a variety of mobile displays perfectly adapted to the constraints of the professional environment and the needs of your customers. Aware of the importance of clear communication for a company, we offer signs and displays designed to support flyers, magazines and other printed materials for your company.

Alba office display supplier

Facilitating the daily lives of professionals has always been part of Alba's objectives. We are aware that the simple and efficient transmission of information is a key resource for establishing strong communication.

Thus, we offer a range of Office Display products that help optimize workflow and add clarity to communications. In order to put important documents or notes at your employees' fingertips, choose our mobile displays that can accommodate many documents in various formats. You can also opt for magazine racks, store displays and office signs that enhance the circulation of employees or customers on your premises. Simple, practical and easy to install, Alba Office Display products improve the visibility of your documents, enhance the style of your office and support your brand identity.

Our range of office displays

Would you like to give a modern touch to your company's reception area? Alba offers a wide range of office displays adapted to all business styles. We offer a variety of personalized products  designed to highlight your documents and information in a store, office or waiting room. Always attentive to our customers, Alba delivers contemporary designs that are modern and easy to install. 

Our office signs

Explore our collection of contemporary, customizable office signage solutions on our website. You will be able to play with the tones of colors to bring attention to important information and facilitate the flow of people in a commercial space. We are conscious of our environmental responsibility and our products have been manufactured with recyclable materials.

Aware of the constant evolution of the market, we mobilize our efforts to gather feedback from customers and develop products that meet the expectations of business professionals today. This close proximity to users is one of the reasons Alba has become a globally recognized brand in the world of office furniture and accessories.