Are you looking for modern office lights to brighten your company's environment? 

At Alba, a lighting manufacturer since 1958, you'll find functional products that are ergonomic, stylish, and fit seamlessly into your office.

Browse our collection of office lamps to see how Alba can shine a new light on your company's image.

Lighting manufacturer

A lighting manufacturer, Alba is a recognized brand in the world of office furniture with quality products renowned for their elegance and contemporary design. Present in international markets thanks to our many collaborations, the products we manufacture are available from a wide list of distributors who trust us, and who specialize in office design. For decades, Alba lights have been utilized in business environments. Specially developed for today's market, we invite you to explore our lighting collection that embodies the principles of modernity and functionality, with a focus on comfort.

Lighting supplier: our latest design trends

Every professional needs to work in a well-lit office. The characteristic feature of our floor lamps is that they provide natural light . As a lighting manufacturer, we offer modern LED lighting solutions designed to improve visual comfort while remaining discreet within a workspace.

Space optimization remains a major challenge for professionals. Alba has a range of lamps to best utilize your space. Our desk lamps are particularly versatile with articulated arms and a swivel head. Our floor lamps are sturdy with a modern design that won't disrupt your view. Alba lamps can be used to create a focal point or illuminate a full room, with a comfortable brightness that enhances productivity.

We offer a range of modern and environmentally friendly office lamps. Our mastery of LED and fluorescent technology guarantees the longevity of our lights while also allowing you to save energy.

Light up your premises with our designer office lamps 

Looking to enhance the style your work space with a modern or elegant lamp? An original Alba desk lamp may be the answer. We have developed multi-function desktop lights with built-in speakers that connect to your smartphone with Bluetooth technology. We also have cordless lamps that provide the light you need without the cords you don't. Choosing Alba, a lighting manufacturer, means you're guaranteed the highest quality in style and function.

Alba, a manufacturer of office lights

You can discover our range of office lights on our website. We stay in close contact with our customers and do everything we can to gather customer feedback, with the goal of improving the quality of our lights, especially in terms of energy performance. Our proximity to our customers, both locally and internationally, has enabled us to become a reference brand in the reseller industry of office and lighting design.

Your lighting manufacturer listens to its customers

As a lighting supplier, our priority is to offer our clients a robust assortment of elegant, durable products that are environmentally friendly in terms of packaging and sourced materials. With our unique industry know-how and experience, Alba's main objective is to provide innovative products that adapt to the needs of professionals..