Weighing & mailing scales

Discover our range of modern and functional letter scales and office accessories, designed to meet the different needs of the professional world. Our products are easy to use, reliable and enable high precision weighing. Our accessories will optimize the organization and storage of your mail.

Mailing scale supplier

Alba, a Mailing Scale supplier since 1958, has 60 years of experience manufacturing office furniture accessories. Our products are not only trendy and modern, but they are also functional and easy to use. With our letter scales and our mail accessories, you are sure to facilitate the sending and receiving of mail in a manner that optimizes processing within your company's mail and secretarial services.

The Alba mailing scales will allow you to easily calculate the weight of the mail you want to send. Our electronic letter scales and mechanical mail scales are designed to be easy to use thanks to technical specifications that meet market standards. Our products are designed to work optimally with mechanisms employing the latest innovations. Our letter scales allow you to work in the best possible conditions in order to combine efficiency and logistics.

Electronic and mechanical mailing scales

Alba as a professional furniture supplier, offers you a wide range of office supplies designed and optimized for the comfort of users. Our collection of Mailing Scales is made up of different products that facilitate the effective delivery of your mail. The catalogue includes two types of Mailing Scales: the Electronic Scale and the Mechanical Scale. 

Alba Postal & Mailing Scales are high quality, durable office accessories. We offer you the Electronic Postal Scale which works on a battery and allows you to weigh mail up to 5 kilos. Its tilted top and large LCD display make it easy to weigh your letters with high precision, which will be useful for you to weigh small letters. Thanks to the tilt of the tray, this device allows you to weigh several types of objects, from envelopes to tubes, while maintaining the readability of the screen.

Our Electronic Postal Scale is suitable for all professional environments, for occasional or daily use.

The Mechanical Postal Scale works with a weight-sensitive needle and allows you to weigh all types of mail packages from 5 to 250 grams. The Mechanical Postal Scale consists of a large dial and a slit that will allow your customers to weigh packages up to 1 kg. Our different models give you the possibility to weigh vertically thanks to a wide slit or a removable tray that do not interfere with the visibility of the dial.

Our collection of mailing accessories

As a Mailing Scale supplier, we offer you a wide range of practical and indispensable mail accessories that will make your customers' daily business easier. We carefully select our materials to guarantee quality products that meet the need for durability and precision. Our range of accessories is complete. We offer many products to facilitate the processing of your mail such as our letter opener and our mail cart to simplify the transport within a company.

For the safe transfer of money, we offer ultra secure mail pouches that are very convenient for the administrative or background correspondence path.  High quality and completely waterproof, our shuttle or case pouches are allow you to safely ship your documents.

Alba: mailing scale supplier

You can discover all our products on our website. As a supplier of office furniture for more than 60 years, we put all our expertise to work for you, helping companies meet the expectations of today's markets. We value our customers and maintain communication with them. It is our close proximity to our customers that allows us to constantly improve the performance of our products, and that has enabled us to become a reference brand in the sale of office furniture both locally and internationally.