Coat stand, Pegs, Garment rack

Are you looking for coat stands that blend with your company's style and improve your client's experience? Through our design accessories, you will discover Alba's unique aesthetic. With over 60 years of experience, Alba has become a major player in corporate furniture. Our philosophy: "when beauty meets utility".

Coat Stand Supplier: Design and Quality Products at Alba

A designer and modern coat stand supplier, Alba draws its strength from decades of experience transforming business environments. We offer you high quality products perfectly adapted to your needs. Outstanding customer service, and really listening to our clients, has been an integral part of our DNA for over 60 years. With this experience, we produce quality, contemporary designs that facilitate a better use of your space. We put our vision to work for you, your employees and your customers. We constantly strive to optimize our coat racks in order to allow the end user to obtain an exceptional product that will become indispensable.

Our coat racks for your office layout

At Alba, we focus on quality, customizable products that are easy to assemble and install, without sacrificing style. We offer timeless office products that are anchored in modernity and elegance.

For companies, optimizing work space is paramount to success, which is why our collections are adapted to professionals with elegant, robust and stable products. The refined and functional Alba pads also take care of your professional premises.

For businesses that are constantly on the move, think of magnetic, door or wall clamps. Simple, practical, and above all, efficient. Make use of your existing walls, doors and open spaces with designer coat hooks and racks, and then easily remove or change locations as needed. These door or wall clamps are available individually or with multiple hooks. Alba hooks and racks are durable, portable and provide great protection for clothing.

Coat Racks: a range of ALBA products to suit your customers' needs

A standing coat stand is often an essential tool for the layout of a company's work and leisure spaces. Our coat stands come in a range of materials, designs and colors to adapt to your specific needs.  Choosing Alba means you're guaranteed efficient, simple and durable products that are well-suited to your customers and your associates. 

Want to have a chic and contemporary office?

Alba coat pegs and coat stands  are the finishing touch you need to complete a stylish commercial look. For the design of quality products, the feet and pegs of our products are carefully selected. Visit our website to see our wide range options that can help you make the most of your space. Alba brings a touch of originality that will distinguish your company and make a difference to everyone who steps into your office!        

Professionals: office coat stands with design and elegance

Do your customers want their offices to reflect an image of modernity and professionalism? Browse our website to discover the Alba collection of coat stands and pegs At Alba, we are committed to listening to our clients and we continually revise our designs to adapt to changing needs of the industry. With half a century of quality craftsmanship experience and you can be sure you're getting great style that will last.