The ergonomic MHFEETPET footrest is an ecological and stylish solution for improving your comfort at work, whether in the office or at home. It's a real tool for preventing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). As well as relieving you of back pain, it will help you adopt a good sitting position while promoting blood circulation.

Other colors available

Product Advantages

  • Lock your doors in the open position with our lightweight, easy-to-handle 1 kg door block.
  • The integrated elastomer provides impact resistance, limiting the impact against walls.
  • Thanks to its rubber coating and ballasted weight, the door block provides a non-slip grip, guaranteeing optimum stability.
  • Compatible with all door types and coverings, it can be adapted to suit all your office spaces.
  • Opt for elegance with our black and wood edition, offering a discreet design that blends harmoniously with any décor.
  • This product is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

Data sheet

1 Kg
Weighted base and non-slip sole
Elastomer ring to protect the door
Steel - Elastomer
Product size (H x W x D)
Height : 4 cm
Diameter : Ø 9 cm
Country of origin
Design and development France - Manufacturing RPC
Optimized packaging
1 compact package for a reduced CO2 impact
100% recyclable
2 years
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