Ergonomic open-space

Opt for a 100% ergonomic solution and energize your work environments with the Move Hop product line. Modern and functional, our solution will offer your employees a total well-being in a stimulating work environment.


1. Ergonomically-designed desks allow you the flexibility to sit or stand whenever you like, helping to compensate for sedentary lifestyles.

2. Improve visibility and comfort with computer arms and monitor stands.

3. Illuminate your workspace with stylish, environmentally friendly, high-tech lighting.

4. Avoid back problems with dynamic seating that encourages better posture.

5. Use partitions to create smaller zones in open-space providing space for privacy and quiet.

Alba has developed the Move Hop range to promote good posture and wellbeing. Focusing on ergonomics, our products reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and joint injuries due to repetitive computer work.

Better posture: To overcome sedentary habits, choose the MOOVY electric desk and alternate your position throughout the day.

See better: To avoid eye fatigue and neck pain, consider articulated monitor arms and our range of WeLight desk and floor lamps.

Sitting better: For dynamic seating, we recommend toning up your body with STOOLY and FLEXY stools or our dynamic ERGOBALL seats.

Ergonomic open-space