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Are you looking for ergonomic furniture for your business premises?

The furniture designed by Alba, an ergonomic office supplier, will meet your expectations in terms of practicality, quality and ease of use. Building on the ergonomics of the workplace, Alba has been creating innovative products focused on the best possible experience of the end-user since 1958. With over half a century of experience, Alba's mastery of furniture design is recognized worldwide for combining elegance and practicality.

Alba: ergonomic furniture supplier

Supplier of ergonomic furniture, Alba has made a name for itself in the world of office furniture supply by focusing on the quality and ergonomics of its products. Our innovative products are designed to provide comfort and prevent back pain, both of which are key to improving productivity and efficiency in the workplace, as well as ensuring the safety of users. We've built our reputation thanks to the support of numerous resellers and who trust in Alba year after year. We offer you a wide range of ergonomic furniture and design products, adapted to your needs as well as those of your customers. Indeed, as a supplier of ergonomic furniture, our main mission is to offer a collection of modern products that are elegant and carefully thought out in order to reduce the professional risks inherent to your customers regarding the use of our products.

Our collection of ergonomic office furniture

Discover our range of ergonomic furniture, a key element in fostering better productivity at work. Conscious of the fact that companies face major challenges in designing effective working spaces, we have conceived a collection of ergonomic furniture comprised of a range of different materials centered around the concepts of innovation, modernity and, above all, ergonomics.

Nous sommes conscients que les conditions de travail sont des facteurs importants pour la croissance économique d’une entreprise. Ainsi, dans le but d’améliorer l’ergonomie du poste de travail, nous proposons : des bureaux ergonomiques, des bureaux assis-debout, bureau réglable en hauteur, tabouret ergonomique. Avec notre mobilier ergonomique, vous pourrez proposer à vos clients un poste de travail adapté et qui répond parfaitement à ses besoins en matière de confort du dos et de la nuque grâce à l’éviction des mauvaises postures.

We are aware that working conditions are important factors for the economic growth of a company. Thus, in order to improve the function of the workplace, we offer: ergonomic desks, sit-to-stand desks, adjustable-height  desks, and ergonomic stools. With our ergonomic furniture, you will be able to offer your customers a customized workstation that helps prevent back and neck pain, and provides overall comfort by promoting good posture.

Keeping this philosophy in mind, we offer our customers an essential accessory for an ergonomic office: the articulated arm. Designed to fit in a working environment, this accessory will allow you to position your screens to optimize your office layout. Our articulated arms for one or two computer screens are key elements for the organization of a workstation and thus improve the visual comfort of its user.

Your customers can also benefit from other ergonomic products. Among these products, enjoy the elegance of an ergonomic office seat, ideal for supporting comfort and well-being at the office. This chair will perfectly accompany an ergonomic desk, made by Alba.

The latest trends in ergonomic office design

As a supplier of ergonomic furniture, we strive to put our expertise to work for our customers by offering innovative products that incorporate the latest advancements in design. For example, Alba has created an electric desktop with position memory, which adapts to the size of the user while being scalable. Alba also offers a range of accessories to finish off your "office 2.0" adapted to the evolution of modern workspaces. To name just a few, we have multi-tasking speakers, LED clocks with clean designs, contemporary display racks, and articulated arms (multi-directional and rotary) manufactured to accommodate screens up to 27 inches.

Your supplier of ergonomic furniture

Discover our collection of ergonomic office furniture by exploring our website. Also, be sure to take advantage of our expert staff who are here to answer any questions you may have. We are happy to provide guidance on ergonomic design in the workplace. By constantly listening to the opinions and needs of our customers, we have the know-how to provide individualized solutions that best suits your needs.