Functional and ergonomic, optimise your visual comfort and reduce eye strain with this laptop support. Work in better conditions: thanks to its 5 levels of inclination and keep the computer screen at eye level.

Compact, you can take this desktop accessory wherever you want!

Product Advantages

  • Allows to have the screen at eye level to reduce eye fatigue and back pain
  • Perfect tilt for an optimal working comfort
  • Allows good ventilation of laptop thanks to its opened structure
  • Easy to carry (can be folded into itself)
  • Suitable for computers from 11 to 15.6 inches
  • High-strength Aluminum frame + Soft silicon
  • Easy to clean

Data sheet

0.560 kg
Reduces eye strain and back pain
Fits computers from 11 to 15.6 inches
Tilt: 5 levels of tilt
Anti-slip pad
Aluminium - Silicone
Color : Aluminium Grey - black
Product size (H x W x D)
Length : 22 cm
Width : 22 cm
Height: 6.5 - 15 cm
Country of origin
Design and development France - Manufacturing RPC
Reduce environmental impact
This product is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable
Optimized packaging
1 compact package for a reduced CO2 impact
100% recyclable
5 years
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