Accessories and Classification Organizers

Alba, a supplier of office furniture accessories for 60 years, offers a wide range of office accessories to help you optimize your working environment. A modern workspace energizes the office environment and maximizes the productivity of your employees.

Our designer office accessories

Our office accessories are inspired by the latest trends in contemporary design. All Alba products are easy to use and created from the toughest materials. They are designed to be functional and help you in your daily work. Created primarily to assist you, our office supplies are ideal for organizing your work spaces.

Trust Alba, a supplier of office accessories, to adapt your working environment to meet your needs and expectations. Our practical, modular designs provide effective solutions for a range of of companies.

Our catalog is made up of various office accessories, all of which have a specific purpose involved in the organization, flow, and function people and products within a company. Alba accessories will help you improve your overall and create a work environment that looks like you. Our range extends up to the speaker and door block for your business trips.

Filing and Office accessories

Our catalogue includes a wide range of sturdy, designer and trendy office storage accessories. Alba accessories will help you sort and store your company's materials while optimizing your office space.

Mesh desktop accessories are versatile and suitable for all types of work environments and uses. Whatever the profession, you will find the perfect accessory to suit you and that will allow you to increase your storage capacity through improved organization. The office organizer Mesh Board is ideal for storing office supplies thanks to its numerous compartments. We also provide screen racks designed to elevate user screens and add storage space. They are equipped with small and large compartments to fit pens, pencils and other office supplies.

In our Mesh range, we offer you many filing accessories for your offices such as mailboxes with sliding drawers and file racks which will be essential for your employees to keep an organized office. We also offer a range of colorful office baskets with chromed metal finish for a chic finishing touch to suit your tastes.

Expertise in office accessory design

With 60 years of experience as a supplier of office furniture accessories, Alba has a unique expertise at the foundation of all of its designs. We offer high-quality products, strong and durable, but also functional with packaging suitable for transportation. Our goal is to provide contemporary accessories that improve the daily life of employees in the office and promote well-being within a company. Our collections are developed and designed for your employees and will evolve with you as your business expands. Alba is present in international markets thanks to numerous collaborations with companies and distributors from all over the world, specialized in the world of office automation.