Practical and aesthetic, our new ERGOBOX workstation will allow you to work from anywhere in the best conditions. Its elegant curves and unique design, along with its mix of colours, will transport you into a cosy and warm universe. Whether at the office or at home: organise your belongings and move around in complete peace of mind. Once installed, benefit from an ergonomic work module with a clear and uncluttered workspace for efficient and productive working days.

Product Advantages

  • ERGOBOX workstations are designed to facilitate working in a flex office or at home.
  • Move your belongings safely thanks to the self-locking handle which ensures that your belongings are held securely.
  • Ultra functional, 6 compartments are integrated to store notebook, laptop, keyboard, tablet, pens, mug ...
  • The two modules can be separated to provide different storage spaces and a real mobile workspace.
  • Module 1: storage module with 2 compartments and an integrated phone holder.
  • Module 2: ergonomic module with its support for raising the screen to eye level to reduce glare, eye strain and back pain. (3 levels of inclination - The height is adjustable over 4 cm
  • The two modules can be placed on top of each other for an extra 6.5 cm height.
  • One module has 2 USB ports (1xUSB-C and 1xUSB-A) with a USB-C output cable to power the ports.
  • Once you have stored your belongings in the box, you will have a clean and uncluttered space.
  • The size of the ERGOBOX is optimised for easy and convenient storage in a standard size locker.
  • Its design is cosy and warm, thanks to the mix of wood and white colours, bringing a decorative and Scandinavian touch

Data sheet

- 2 modules
- 6 storage units
Ergonomic supports:
- Laptop up to 15 inches
- Tablet and phone
- Self-locking handle
Wood - ABS
Product size (H x W x D)
Hauteur : 25,7 cm
Largeur : 41 cm
Profondeur : 15 cm
Country of origin
Design and development France - Manufacturing RPC
Reduce environmental impact
This product is environmentally friendly and 100 % recyclable
Optimized packaging
1 compact package for a reduced CO2 impact
100% recyclable
2 years
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