Breaking room area

Places of sharing in companies, the spaces of conviviality are the reflection of the interest which the company carries in the wellbeing of its collaborators. These areas are essential for efficiency, creativity and the strengthening of ties between colleagues. Enhance your spaces with Alba products. Aesthetic and functional, they will allow you to create a warm, modern and ergonomic environment.  


1. Provide stylish coffee tables and seating for comfort and relaxation.

2. Use floor and table lighting to provide a softer alternative to ceiling lights.

3. Provide refreshments and have stylish catering accessories.

4. Create a homely environment using contemporary Scandinavian-styled furniture.

5. Be creative and create a colourful, stimulating and fun environment using clocks, seating, plants.

The coffee break remains an important ritual in office life: in France, 9 out of 10 employees say they take one (IFOP study). By creating a dedicated space, you improve staff work life. Short active breaks have a positive impact on your employees’ wellbeing to reduce stress and boost energy.

The Rendez-vous range has everything you need to provide hot drinks with a modern, designer touch. Alba’s RDVPOD capsule dispenser, RDVSTORE coffee tray, RDVMUG personalised mug and other accessories all work together to make coffee breaks stylish, clean and tidy.

Breaking room area