The ergonomic MHFEETPET footrest is an ecological and stylish solution for improving your comfort at work, whether in the office or at home. It's a real tool for preventing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). As well as relieving you of back pain, it will help you adopt a good sitting position while promoting blood circulation.

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Product Advantages

  • The MHFEET improves posture, blood circulation in the legs and relieves back pain.
  • It is environmentally friendly thanks to its 100% recycled PET (recycled water bottles) composition.
  • It allows you to adopt an ergonomic posture at your workstation in the office, as well as at home.
  • With its generous dimensions of 45x40 cm, it provides a large enough surface area for comfortable support.
  • Combining modern design with innovative materials, our footrest creates a warm and comfortable workspace, contributing to a cosy atmosphere.
  • You can match your footrest with the ergonomic balls and cushions, ERGOBALL and ERGOPAD.

Data sheet

0,700 Kg
Large 45x40cm flat platform with a perfect 15° incline
Frame: PET
Product size (H x W x D)
Length: 40 cm
Width: 46 cm
Height: 15 cm
Tilt: 15°
Country of origin
Design and development France - Manufacturing RPC
Reduce environmental impact
This product is environmentally friendly and 100 % recyclable
Optimized packaging
1 compact package for a reduced CO2 impact
100% recyclable
2 years
Norme ROHS
DIN 4556
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