The HORDGTL CO2 clock fits perfectly in all your office spaces to show you the CO2 level, humidity and temperature of the room. 

Product Advantages

  • The HORDGTL CO2 clock will indicate the CO2 level thanks to its NDIR sensor (non-dispersive infrared sensor). It will instantly inform you of the indoor air quality and the actions to be taken in a room (ventilation of the room).
  • It has an automatic or manual calibration system with an accuracy of 1 ppm.
  • The large LED display and its visual indicators allow easy and quick readability of the measurements (Green: from 0 to 799 ppm - Orange: from 800 to 1199 ppm - Red: from 1200 to 1599 ppm - Height of the digits 4.1 cm).
  • An audible alarm, which can be personalised, is provided according to the desired CO2 detection threshold (deactivation possible).
  • This clock will also indicate the temperature (Celsius / Fahrenheit) and the humidity level to monitor the quality of the air so that it is neither too dry nor too humid (Temperature: from -9°C to +85°C - Hygrometry: from 0% to 100% RH).
  • The time display can also be personalised in 12-hour or 24-hour format (height of the digits 8 cm).
  • The electronic mechanism is very high precision.
  • You will have the possibility to hang or stand the clock.
  • You can choose to plug it into a mains socket with an adapter, or to operate it with a LR6 memory battery (both are supplied).
  • The clock is RoHS certified and CE marked.

Data sheet

0,650 kg
Mechanism : Electric
Available information :
- Time: Hour - min - sec (24H or 12H format)
- Calendar: Day and month
- Temperature: Celcius or Fahrenheit
- Operates on mains with 1 adapter
+ 2 LR6 memory batteries (supplied)
Display : Blue LED
Product size (H x W x D)
Length: 37,5 cm
Width: 13,5 cm
Depth: 3,8 cm
Country of origin
Design and development France - Manufacturing RPC
Reduce environmental impact
This product is environmentally friendly and 90 % recyclable
Optimized packaging
1 compact package for a reduced CO2 impact
100% recyclable
3 years
Norme ROHS
Wall or table top
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