Ergonomics at work & MSD: the Move Hop solution

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Musculoskeletal disorders can be the source of many days' absence from work! With the dynamic and positive Move Hop solution, you can address the various problems your employees face. ​To do this, Alba offers you its best practices: ergonomic furniture and an optimal work space for a 100% feel good result.

The search for ergonomics in the workplace has become an issue in its own right in the professional world. In recent years, companies have been investing more and more in ergonomic furniture in order to combat the main cause of work stoppages: musculoskeletal disorders or "MSDs" (in France, MSDs account for 87% of occupational illnesses and back pain for 20% of work accidents). These MSDs appear over time, when the work situation is not adapted or when indirect factors play a harmful role on the employee: poor layout, noise pollution, etc.

Faced with alarming studies, Alba, creator of office furniture and well-being for 60 years, has developed a specific range of ergonomic products so that the product adapts as well as possible to the human being and his professional environment. Our mission: to fight against stress and discomfort at work so that your employees can develop positively!

Move Hop products have been developed in collaboration with ergonomists and designers to enable you to adopt a better posture in a dynamic work environment. Choosing Move Hop products is the assurance of an effortless well-being at work.

3 solutions to prevent RSI

Alba has created ergonomic products based on 3 axes in order to best respond to the various musculoskeletal disorders: better posture, better vision and better seating.

Better posture: with Move Hop, break the sedentary rhythm of the office and stay active throughout the day!

Indeed, it is never a good idea to sit still for hours on end in a chair. To counteract the sedentary lifestyle, Move Hop offers ergonomic solutions that encourage you to stay on the move.

The MOOVY electric desk offers a ready-to-use solution to sedentary lifestyles by alternating between sitting, sitting/standing and standing positions. The advantage: With its memory system (x4), you can share this electric desk with colleagues.

You can also choose the STANDY sit/stand workstation which has ergonomic handles for a quick and effortless height adjustment (thanks to a gas lift system).

With Move Hop products, your new work environment will move you with ease!

See better: improve your visual comfort and brighten up your workspace!

To address the various musculoskeletal disorders (eye strain and neck pain), Alba has designed a wide range of desk lamps, floor lamps and articulated arms.

Alba's lighting range features the latest LED technology, a choice of colour temperature and dimming options to provide the most comfortable light source available. After long days indoors without light, many ailments are felt: burning, eye sensitivity, etc. With Alba, you invest in ergonomic, aesthetic, low-energy products that last over time.

When it comes to "screen work syndrome", choose our JAMY and SAMY articulated arms. Single or double, mobile or fixed, the articulated arms offer an optimal viewing angle and a unique visual comfort. Adjust the orientation, tilt and height of your screen effortlessly! In addition, our articulating arms (tilt and multidirectional) give your employees a clear workspace to keep their minds clear and increase productivity.

Sitting better: adopt an optimal posture thanks to the dynamic seats made in Alba.

Now that you have configured your workspace correctly, it is important to sit better. By alternating throughout the day between a traditional chair and a dynamic seat, you can achieve a healthy posture.

With its ergonomic seat and rounded base, the STOOLY stool encourages you to maintain good posture. The MHBALL is also an excellent product for the prevention of various RSI. The advantage of these two types of seating lies in the balance they encourage you to have. Become aware of your posture and learn to stand up straight. These dynamic seats will help you relieve back pain and strengthen your lumbar and abdominal muscles. The plus: BALL is a must-have for modernising your open spaces!

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