Committed to your safety. For you, for us and for all our employees, we adopt strict safety measures in our offices to protect everyone's health. On this day of de-containment, let's continue to be vigilant and keep the barrier gestures. To help you, find our ANTI-COVID range 100% made in Alba.

"To help companies with less than 50 employees and self-employed workers to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 at work, the French Health Insurance (Assurance Maladie - Risques Professionnels) offers the "COVID Prevention" subsidy. If you have invested since 14 March or are planning to invest in protective equipment, benefit from a subsidy of up to 50% of your investment.

Let your customers benefit from the "COVID Prevention" grant; our products are eligible.

To discover all our products from the ANTI-COVID range:
All the information concerning eligible companies, the amount, the deadline and detailed financial preventive measures on


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