Open-space N°1

Collaborative solutions, facilitating and encouraging exchanges, open-spaces or shared offices are an integral part of organizational modes. Functional and pleasant to live in, these spaces must be well thought out in order to keep a personal space and a certain intimacy for each collaborator. ALBA's ergonomic and harmonious products and accessories will allow you to bring a touch of design to your workspaces, while meeting the needs of users, in order to reconcile well-being and productivity.


1. Invest in locker rooms or coat racks with large hanging capacity to store clothes and accessories.

2. Reduce bulky storage space by using desk trays, organizers and sorters.

3. Reduce noise pollution and define work spaces with acoustic partitions.

4. Create effective zones for teams of employees.

5. Convert an open-space into a multi-space by setting up, for example, a coffee area.  

The open-space is a central room for professional premises. It requires a high investment, even more so if it has many employees. In addition to offering an excellent quality/price ratio, the PMSTAN3 coat rack and/or the PMMOBI garement rack will gather your employees in one place.
Also, we think astute with the clever PMS1MAG, this coat hook that hangs on any magnetic surface!

Open-space N°1