Open-space N°2

More than 70 years ago, the open-space layout became a standard in companies that claim their will to make the office a convivial space. Design it so that comfort, aesthetics and ergonomics coexist. It's all about making sure that everyone is happy.


1. Whether you work on a screen or from a computer, equip the open space with ergonomic accessories to optimise the use of these products, reduce the RSI of users by improving their posture.

2. The respect of the shared space of an open space goes through the tidying up. For this, think of our MESH range of accessories.

3. There is nothing like an alternative seat to energise your day, enjoy the well-being that the ERGOBALL can bring to your daily life.

4. Good lighting to prevent eye strain and optimise your workstation.

In a shared office like an open space, accompany the classic seats with an ergonomic ball! Our ERGOBALL are the dynamic seats that will suit your open spaces. Moreover, they bring colour to your premises and a playful aspect to your seating. This new type of office chair is especially ergonomic because it allows for better positioning and thus reduces musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).
How does it reduce RSI? Because of the imbalance and the movements it offers when you sit on it, it strengthens the deep muscles of the back and the abdominal belt.

Open-space N°2