Reception N°2

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.
The reception area determines the first image that people have of a company. When the design of a space speaks about your company, you have to be strategic about the products that will represent it


1. If there is a wait, provide fixed or dynamic seating to ensure the comfort of the occupants.

2. An ideal space for communicating about the company or area of interest to the occupants, make catalogues, flyers or magazines available on our DDEXPOW.

3. The reception area, for many companies, is the space where all the people will pass through to enter the establishment, an ideal place to offer hand disinfection and stop any virus with our MHGEL.

4. Punctuality is a valued quality, there's nothing like a clock to tell the time.

For a dynamic waiting, make your visitors wait on dynamic, robust and functional seats. Discover the MHBALL balloons: in 4 colours, this type of seat will offer distraction and a less unpleasant wait thanks to its ergonomic function. Every moment is good to treat MSD.

Also, promote your company with the Alba DDEWPOW display units: they will allow you to promote your company via catalogues and other documents and thus reduce the impression of waiting for your partners and future customers! To do this, we offer a wide range of models (floor-standing, wheeled, wall-mounted displays, etc.) which, depending on your space, will fit in perfectly.

Reception N°2