Flex office 2

One of the revolutions of the Flex Office is to think differently about workspaces, to better adapt to the needs of teams.

Our tips for your flex office space

1. At a time when our working methods are changing and evolving and we are more and more mobile, Alba has created a nomadic work module: the ERGOBOX, which will accompany you throughout your day and allow you to work from anywhere.

2. Reduce your eye strain with the MHROLAP laptop stand. In addition to its aesthetic side, its rotating function will allow you to share your screen with your colleagues in all simplicity.

3. Light up your workspace wherever you are with the rechargeable and wireless LEDTUBE

4. Maximize your comfort with this elegant folding chair combining modernity and seating comfort.

Adopt a new work posture with this elegant ergonomic rocking stool! The Stooly stool fits perfectly with a sit-stand desk and helps maintain a good back posture while strengthening core muscles. It helps reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).

Flex office 2